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  1. Over 17 years’ well-rounded experience in desktops and laptops, as well as network design and implementation
  2. Our professional staff thoroughly familiar with the Microsoft operating system and all IBM and IBM compatible hardware
  3. Skilled in customizing computer systems according to user need while cutting unnecessary costs to customers
  4. Proven ability to save money using OEM or generic replacement parts
  5. Exceptional troubleshooting skills
  6. Able to establish a comfortable and reassuring rapport with users - courteous and respectful
  7. Experienced in setting up and documenting processes as well as training users in processes
  8. Quick and efficient on the orders place on site
  9. Research and supply compatible parts for brand names such as DELL, Compaq, HP to end users, either companies or individuals
  10. Total production and management of various computer parts toner ink cartridges
  11. Provided technical support, system setup and troubleshooting by directly interfacing with the clients, Searched PCA parts for customers overseas

Selected Achievements

  1. Saved hundreds of customers 15% or more on their computer replacement parts costs
  2. Solved installation problem within three minutes for frustrated company that had been unable to resolve the problem with many technicians; was given the title “Einstein” to our staff

Professional Staffs

We are a group of highly qualified and skilled personals. Our dedicated team consists of Licensed Computer industry specializing in Design and Development of Home, Home office, and Office Business custom System. We also provide our valued customers low cost PC parts and consulting services to all customers.

Language: English, Spanish, Japanese, Urdu, Bengali, Persian, Punjabi, and Hindi

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